'Dangerous' street circuit in Jeddah to be modified for GP in 2022

28-01-2022 07:58 | Updated: 28-01-2022 12:51
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'Dangerous' street circuit in Jeddah to be modified for GP in 2022

The street circuit in Jeddah for the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix was a hotly debated topic. Was this circuit not too dangerous for Formula 1? In any case, for the next edition, adjustments will be made to the circuit.

In 2021, Saudi Arabia made its debut in Formula One. For the first time, an F1 race was scheduled for that country and it took place on the streets of the city of Jeddah. It is an impressively fast circuit, but it also turned out to be a bit on the dangerous side. No major accidents happened (yet), but it was close.

Modifications in Jeddah

This should change in the next edition, according to Martin Whitaker, the circuit manager, who let us know according to Speedweek.com know. ''We are making a few adjustments to the circuit to mainly improve the drivers' visibility. They are small adjustments, but they do have a big impact on the drivers. These adjustments have no effect on the layout itself.''

The question is to what extent this will actually improve safety. Whitaker mainly talks about moving grandstands, but you can wonder if this immediately means that drivers can already see through a corner. The Grand Prix is scheduled early in 2022, namely on the weekend of March 27.

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