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Why does Verstappen hit flashing lights before an F1 race?

Why does Verstappen hit flashing lights before an F1 race?

22 January - 16:38 Last update: 22 January - 16:38


You may have seen an F1 driver hitting buttons with blinking lights before a race. Max Verstappen also uses these so-called 'Blazepods' to warm up before a race. But what exactly is Blazepod good for?

Blazepod popular at Red Bull

Within Red Bull, the practice of hitting around the flashing lights is a common way for the drivers to prepare for a race. Max Verstappen now always does it before his races. The Dutchman came up with the idea through Alexander Albon who started it within the team, Motorsport.com reports. Albon is a booster of the warm-up method; Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly also use Blazepod.

Blazepod is a relatively young company and has been around since 2017. Blazepod helps warm up and sharpen drivers' reflexes. The term involved is 'priming'. It is a challenge that activates the mind and awakens the nervous system. This gets the blood flowing and the body ready for action. The response to each stimulus becomes faster. So this means that the drivers are ready to race right from the first moment they're in the car.

Outside of F1, this warm-up routine is also widely used. In fact, many American football players use it as well. The company says it has no deal with F1, with the teams or individual drivers. The fact that Blazepod is still widely used is a sign that it is an effective and very popular routine among drivers.

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