Is Alpine hinting at new colors for 2022?

20-01-2022 16:51 | Updated: 21-01-2022 09:11
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Is Alpine hinting at new colors for 2022?

An attentive 'Redditor' has discovered a possible hint from Alpine revealing what the new colors will be of the car with which the Alpine F1 Team will compete in 2022.

It is not yet known when Alpine will unveil its new car, but it is expected to be in mid-February. This is because every year the teams choose dates that are reasonably close to each other, just before the start of tests during the pre-season in Barcelona. Alpine might show up in 2022 with more than it's traditional blue colours.

Will Alpine go into partnership with BWT?

On Reddit, an observant user has posted an image where he thinks he can see a hint from Alpine to the possible colour scheme of the new car. The image is a still frame of a tweet the team posted yesterday. The tweet shows a radio saying, "This is not our new engine starting up, but these are our fans." On the still image, you can see that the still radio waves that do move in the video are pink, white and blue.

The question this raises is whether that means Alpine is indeed partnering with sponsor BWT and there will be a pink and blue Alpine car on the grid in 2022. After all, we know BWT from the Racing Point team that drove with a pink livery, because those are the BWT colours. It was already rumoured that the water company would go to Alpine. After all, its sponsorship contract with Aston Martin has ended. Check out the tweet and still image below and judge for yourself:

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