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Hamilton leaves fans in limbo: 'I don't buy any of it'

Hamilton leaves fans in limbo: 'I don't buy any of it'

17 January - 17:47 Last update: 17:52


Lewis Hamilton still didn't let on after his loss in Abu Dhabi. According to Mercedes and team boss Toto Wolff, the British driver is considering quitting Formula 1 for good, but Martin Brundle can't imagine.

The seven-time world champion has been keeping things very tense in recent weeks. Although Hamilton still has a contract for two seasons, it cannot be ruled out that the driver will retire early. According to Wolff, Hamilton cannot live with the denouement in Abu Dhabi, where the Briton believes that the race control acted against him.

Hamilton looks to get back into Mercedes

The confidence in the regulations of Formula 1 is said to have disappeared, possibly making Hamilton question himself if he still wants to be part of the sport. On the other hand, Hamilton is competitive enough to continue his career and compete with Max Verstappen next season. Brundle expects the same, he tells Sky Sports in an interview.

"I don't buy any of it, to be honest," he reveals. "I'm sure Toto has been asked by Lewis, 'what are you doing about this?' But Formula 1 is fantastically successful for the Mercedes-Benz brand, while Lewis is 37 years old and we know he's driving at his peak, incredibly determined and competitive. He'll be back."

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