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Pirelli chief Isola: 'New Pirelli tires ready to race faster'

Pirelli chief Isola: 'New Pirelli tires ready to race faster'

17-01-2022 11:33 Last update: 12:50


Formula 1 is entering a new era this season with many new rules. Also new are the 18-inch Pirelli tires that should make it easier to drive behind another car. Formula 1 hopes this will provide more action on the track. Pirelli chief Mario Isola sees it positively.

New tires faster ready to race

Speaking to the Italian sports newspaper Corriere dello Sport Isola looks ahead to the upcoming season. The new, larger tires are part of a package of measures designed to promote duels on the track. Together with the new aerodynamic structure of the cars, it should become easy for drivers to get behind other cars and thus promote overtaking.

According to Isola, the 18-inch tires have very different behavior and promote aerodynamic modifications to the cars. "Because of the low profile, the new tires are ready to race much faster, they are more responsive." The tires are less likely to overheat and have a wider operating range. Degradation can also be better controlled. Isola expects more duels on the track as a result.

Strategy adjustments

Earlier Isola let it be known that he expects fewer pit stops in 2022. Because of the lower relegation, more drivers would opt for a one-stop strategy, but he is still holding back. "A lot will depend on the individual circuits, on the actual possibility of overtaking." He does agree that the ability to push the tires harder will have an effect on strategies.

During the first races of the season, we will see if the changes indeed have the desired effect of more action on the track. According to Isola, at least in the simulations, it looks good. "According to the simulations, the stragglers lose only ten percent of the downforce, whereas now it is more than forty percent."