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'On this, Hamilton is going to lose points against Verstappen'

'On this, Hamilton is going to lose points against Verstappen'

17-01-2022 08:57 Last update: 09:01


Although many think that Lewis Hamilton will 'just' be at the start of the new Formula One season, Peter Windsor has his reservations. In a new video, he explains why Hamilton faces a difficult choice.

Hamilton seems to have disappeared

There is still no clarity on Hamilton's future. The Briton has a contract until 2023 with Mercedes, but the seven-time world champion is said to be doubting his future in the sport after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, according to several sources. According to Windsor, however, it is not only Abu Dhabi that will be playing in his mind.

In his video, the former Williams team manager discusses a number of points that he believes will determine Hamilton's future. In 2022, Mercedes can only use 70 percent of the total wind tunnel time because the team came first in the constructors' championship. Red Bull has a big advantage here with 75 percent, and that could be essential with new regulations.

The battle with Russell

In addition, the concept of the new cars is also not in favor of the Mercedes driver. Hamilton would have been just right to overtake and defend with this type of car, but if overtaking is made easier, this strength of Lewis quickly falls away. Windsor also mentions Max Verstappen as a good overtaker but doesn't think it's as refined as Lewis' yet.

Perhaps the most important point, however, is the arrival of George Russell. Where Max Verstappen has the perfect number two at Red Bull Racing with Sergio Perez next to him, Hamilton will have to deal with 'the new kid on the block.' According to Windsor, Russell will take more points away from Hamilton than was the case with Valtteri Bottas, and as a result, Hamilton will also lose points relative to Verstappen.