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High hopes for Sainz: 'He has proved that'

High hopes for Sainz: 'He has proved that'

13 January - 14:58 Last update: 13 January - 14:58


Carlos Sainz has had an excellent first season. The Madrienian born managed to take the fifth position in the World Championship, taking his place behind the drivers of Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. This coming season he looks to make a new step.

Although Sainz has been in Formula 1 for several years now, he has not yet managed to win a Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver came close on a number of occasions, but each time he fell just short of receiving the top prize. Lawrence Barretto writes on the official website of Formula 1 that he expects this to happen in 2022.

Barretto has been impressed by Sainz's qualities. "He has proved he’s capable of making the most of a package, adapting quickly to a new car and giving feedback that helps shape the future development of the team," he summed up. "These are traits that will stand him in good stead this year."

Handsome performance by Ferrari in 2021

His teammate Charles Leclerc did almost as well as Sainz in 2021. The Monegasque managed to bring in 159 points, while Sainz ended up with 164.5 points. Lando Norris took his place between the two drivers with 160 points gained.

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