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'Ferrari opts for an aggressive approach similar to 2017 and 2018'

'Ferrari opts for an aggressive approach similar to 2017 and 2018'

13 January - 10:06 Last update: 14:34


Ferrari is making every effort to return to the top of Formula 1 in 2022. According to the Italian La Gazzetta dello Sport the team from Maranello is opting for just as aggressive an approach as in 2017.

Ferrari back to the top

A third place among the constructors in 2021 was a handsome comeback for Ferrari after it had fallen into a deep slump in 2020. The engine had to be scaled back and the team suffered from that for a long time. Although a third place among the constructors was a nice step forward, it is not yet where Ferrari wants to be.

With the (financial) resources available at Ferrari, they have to compete for the world title every year, and that has not been the case for several years. In 2017 and 2018, Ferrari came close and surprised especially after the winter break by being right there. However, both times over a full year they were still beaten by Mercedes.

Those successful years do set the example for Ferrari for the coming season. With new regulations, the engineers have a blank piece of paper in front of them on which they can go all out. According to the Italian medium Ferrari has done everything in its power not to proceed with premeditation but to study all possibilities.

Aggressive approach

In this way, Ferrari is trying to do what it also did in 2017: surprise. Then Ferrari came up with a unique car concept that even surprised Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. That is also the goal for 2022, when especially the floor of the car and shapes of the chassis will be essential for the performance of the car.

Although "ground effect" is not quite back as it was in the 1980s, expertise in this area is important. Here Ferrari also has an advantage with the knowledge of Rory Byrne, who is working for the team as a 'super consultant'. Where many young engineers have never worked with 'ground effect', he can be of extra value to the team here.

Ferrari has a big advantage over Red Bull Racing and Mercedes, because, unlike their competitors, in 2021 Ferrari did not have to be busy developing until the end of the season. They quickly shifted the focus to 2022. However, the pain point for the past two years has been the engine and it remains to be seen whether the Italians can bridge the gap with Mercedes and Honda towards 2022.

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