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Honda chief preferred to continue partnership with Red Bull

Honda chief preferred to continue partnership with Red Bull

3 January - 18:42 Last update: 19:34


Red Bull Racing said goodbye to Honda at the end of last season. The Japanese engine supplier decided to leave Formula 1 after a successful partnership and did so with a world title for Verstappen. It gave Honda a good feeling, although Masashi Yamamoto also had other emotions.

It was Honda's big dream for years to beat Mercedes with Verstappen. The battle between the two teams has been fierce this season, with the decision only coming in the final race in Abu Dhabi. It made this Grand Prix doubly charged. Not only could Honda celebrate a victory, but it also had to say goodbye to Red Bull.

Although Yamamoto is proud of the successful collaboration, the Honda top executive also believes that the company stopped the collaboration too soon. He tells this in conversation with Motorsport.com. With changes coming in the coming years, everything is open for Honda. Yamamoto emphasises that it is a decision over which he had little influence.

Yamamoto expresses confidence in Red Bull

Honda's focus for the coming season will be to provide Red Bull Powertrains with the necessary support to enable the team of Verstappen and Sergio Perez to compete in Formula 1. According to Yamamoto, Honda is confident that Red Bull will continue its successful season. He ends the interview by saying that he will never forget the Abu Dhabi race.

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