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Hamilton: 'Formula 1 should be a sport for real men'

Hamilton: 'Formula 1 should be a sport for real men'

24-12-2021 16:36 Last update: 24-12-2021 16:36


Everyone is looking forward to the new generation of Formula 1 cars, which we will see on track for the first time in 2022. It is likely that there will not be one design, but that the teams will start the winter tests with different concepts. It remains to be seen which team will be able to interpret the new rules the best.

Dream car

One of the main reasons for the rule changes is that Formula 1 wants to make overtaking easier. Because of the aerodynamic changes and the bigger tyres (with rims) the cars will be a bit slower next season. Whether it will be the ideal Formula 1 car for the drivers? We will have to wait and see.

If Lewis Hamilton was in charge, the design of the cars would have gone in a completely different direction. In conversation with Speedweek the Brit put together the Formula 1 car of his dreams. Hamilton prefers V12 engines, a manual gearbox and no power steering. The vice-champion wants to make things as difficult as possible for the drivers, he says.


Hamilton has an ideal Formula 1 car that exhausts the drivers. "As if I ran a marathon," says the seven-time champion. "Formula 1 should be a sport for real men. Today these young guys come (into the sport) and they find it easy to find the limit. Rather, it should be insanely difficult, so difficult that only the best can do it."

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