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Fierce criticism on Mercedes after controversial sponsorship deal

Fierce criticism on Mercedes after controversial sponsorship deal

07-12-2021 16:09 Last update: 16:11


Ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Mercedes announced a new sponsorship deal with construction company Kingspan, but the partnership led to fierce criticism. Even the British government reacted to the sponsorship deal and Mercedes will now reconsider the agreement.

Controversial sponsorship deal with Kingspan

The fierce criticism of the partnership between Mercedes and Kingspan comes because of an ongoing investigation into the British construction company, Motorsport.com reports. The investigation is about a major fire in 2017 at Grenfell Tower in London. This left 72 people dead. The insulation material supplied by Kingspan in the construction of the tower was found to be highly flammable.

Grenfell United, which represents the victims of the fire, sent a letter to Mercedes asking it to end its collaboration with Kingspan. Michael Gove, the British minister for housing, neighbourhoods and local affairs, also interfered and warned Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff that legislation surrounding sponsorship deals might be reviewed.

Urgent matter for Mercedes

Wolff let it be known that the situation is currently being discussed, but would not comment further. "Behind these things there is a contractual agreement and we want to do the right thing with integrity." Wolff also wants to enter into talks with Grenfell United. "That process is being started now, but we would like to do that with privacy. In any case, it's an urgent matter for us."

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