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Wolff: Maybe we can laugh about it in the future, but not today

Wolff: "Maybe we can laugh about it in the future, but not today"

07-12-2021 12:17 Last update: 14:55

The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix showed that the rivalry between Toto Wolff and Christian Horner is still there. Wolff expects that this rivalry will not go away before the end of the title fight.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have been battling all season and, with one race to go, they both have an equal chance of becoming world champions. Meanwhile, the team bosses of the two top teams have a duel of their own between them, which is sometimes thought to be all staged. The Mercedes team boss explains in the F1 Nation podcast explains that this is not the case.

"It’s absolutely genuine, because there’s so much at stake. Ambitious people, ambitious teams that are fighting for the championship. Once you are in that, you just have no ability in your mind to create a space for another person. I have no negative nor positive emotions, but I’m trying to stay in that place."

Rivalry may yet pass

According to the Austrian, it is impossible to be good friends in such a situation. "Everyone’s just trying to defend the interest of the team. I try to just stay authentic to what I believe is right and he does it this way and maybe in the future we can have a laugh about it, but not today."

After the race in Abu Dhabi, the title fight will be over, as either Verstappen or Hamilton will be champion. If the on-track rivalry is over, maybe the off-track rivalry will also come to an end. " think we will show respect after the championship is won - either directions. It’s going to calm down."

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