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Marko furious: Then apparently it's a trivial offence.

Marko furious: "Then apparently it's a trivial offence".

05-12-2021 21:17

Helmut Marko has a short fuse and after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix he showed once again that he is highly inflammable. The Red Bull Racing advisor couldn't understand the choices made by the FIA and the stewards on the circuit of Jeddah.

"If Max drives hard into Hamilton, then it's a penalty, if Hamilton pushes him off the track, then apparently all of a sudden it's a trivial offence. It can't go on like this," Marko is furious with the seven-time world champion. On ServusTV the Austrian let his frustrations get the better of him.

The 78-year old man from Graz also finds it incomprehensible that Hamilton was allowed to leave such a big gap in the warm-up lap towards the first restart of the evening. "The rules say you can't be more than ten car lengths behind. But Hamilton did that and prepared his tyres better for the restart. We want to prove that now with data. Then we'll see."

Different rules for Hamilton?

All in all, Marko is not satisfied with the FIA's performance. "It seems that the standards are used a bit differently here. But we are looking at all that now and then we will go to the stewards with the right arguments," he concludes his account.

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