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Horner on Verstappen giving up P1: Masi was adamant

Horner on Verstappen giving up P1: "Masi was adamant"

05-12-2021 20:45


Christian Horner appeared in front of the Sky Sports camera after the Grand Prix at the Jeddah circuit and was pretty disappointed. The Red Bull Racing team boss doesn't agree with how things went on Sunday. He also disagrees with the time penalty Max Verstappen received from the stewards for 'leaving the track and gaining an advantage.

"That was a race very difficult to manage," Horner commented to Sky Sports. "Race control struggled with it as well with the amount of debris and VSC's, restarts and safety cars. I think we feel hard done by with the five-second penalty."

Horner on crash with Hamilton

On the moment Hamilton crashed into the back of Verstappen, the Brit says: "They will go and explain it in front of the stewards. Max was trying to give the place up and we informed race control that we were going to give the place up." Whether penalties will follow will likely not be announced until later this Sunday evening.

Earlier in the race, Red Bull were offered the option of starting Verstappen behind Hamilton from P3 on the restart after the second red flag. That offer Horner and co. accepted. "There had been debate about that [giving the place up after turn 1 incident] and Michael was adamant at that point you have to give the place up or it was going to go to the stewards and be a bigger penalty. So, we gave the place up. We informed race control."

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