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Hamilton relaxed: 'I used to have sleepless nights'

Hamilton relaxed: 'I used to have sleepless nights'

02-12-2021 14:53 Last update: 15:21


Lewis Hamilton is in his best form of the season. After victories in Brazil and Qatar, he is also aiming for the top prize in Saudi Arabia. In fact, it will be a race the Brit will have to win if he does not want to lose the prospect of prolonging his world title reign.


Lewis Hamilton was the first of the top drivers to sit down for the traditional press conference in Jeddah on Thursday afternoon. He says according to Formel1.de that this year's battle for the world championship is different from previous ones. "It's different because two teams are incredibly close," explains Hamilton, who also recalls, "No one has ever won eight titles." At the same time, however, he also makes it clear that he is still 'relaxed'. He used to have 'sleepless nights' in other championships. But that won't be the case in 2022.

According to De Telegraaf, Hamilton said: "There is no team that has won eight titles in a row, so that's something new again. Mercedes and Red Bull are very close, so it's exciting. I think I'll be good all year. But we also keep learning. Not just me, but the whole team. This is one of the most intense battles the sport has had and very challenging for me as well. If I can win my eighth title this year, what more no one has succeeded, that would be very satisfying."

Human rights

The world champion is also asked about human rights. He explains that he does not necessarily feel comfortable driving in Formula 1. At the same time, however, he also emphasizes that it is not his decision - but the sport's choice. And when you drive there, the sport's job is to attract attention and draw attention to certain issues.

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