De Vries: 'Departure of three manufacturers is a blow for Formula E'

De Vries: 'Departure of three manufacturers is a blow for Formula E'

02-12-2021 14:09 Last update: 15:20

While Formula 1 is preparing for the final two races, Formula E is already preparing for the start of a new season. In January, Nyck de Vries of Mercedes E will start his attempt to successfully defend his title.

No conclusions

During the tests in Valencia Mercedes is competing at the top. According to De Vries no big conclusions should be drawn. "The circuit is not very representative," says the Dutchman in an exclusive interview with GPblog. "It doesn't say much. In recent years we have not been able to get any further than 17th place during the test days. I must admit that the test went well. Our team has moved from Germany to the UK of course, so there have been quite a few changes (internally). There is a lot of new staff. It feels like everyone is a good team together and everything is going pretty well so far."

De Vries' goal is pretty clear: to prolong the world title. "I've never been able to defend a title in motorsport before, so we're going to experience what that (the battle) is like. In all honesty I don't expect any other dynamics than when you fight for a championship for the first time. It's a super competitive championship, with some sporting changes providing stability and constancy. This, I think, is for the good."


After next season, Mercedes are stepping out of Formula E. "That's kind of a strange realisation," says De Vries. "That doesn't mean that the team won't stay around. At best, the team can be retained with a different name. It's a shame for FE though (that Mercedes is getting out)."

Furthermore, Audi and BMW are following Mercedes, as they are also leaving Formula E. "That is a choice that is made in the boardrooms. Decisions that are made outside of our control. It is not positive that three major car manufacturers are leaving at the same time. Then Formula E will be dealt a blow, we don't have to ignore that. So I hope Formula E will recover from that and find the momentum of a few years ago, when everyone got in."

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