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Again a Grand Prix in Germany? They don't dare to do it

Again a Grand Prix in Germany? They don't dare to do it

30-11-2021 15:07 Last update: 16:22


The Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort and the race in Spa are easy to reach for the fans of Max Verstappen. Even in Austria - not so close to home - the Dutch fans flock to the gates every year. Another Grand Prix close to the Netherlands would make the hearts of many racing fans beat faster. A race in Germany for example.

Little hope

In the coronary year 2019, Formula 1 was hosted at the Nürburgring, some one and a half hours from the Dutch border. Not surprisingly, many supporters dressed in Orange populated the stands. The same happened a year earlier in Hockenheim, where Max Verstappen won. However, it does not look like the Dutch will be able to go to Germany again soon for a Grand Prix, reports Auto, Motor und Sport. German fans don't seem to be coming to a German race. 

The magazine made inquiries at both Hockenheim and Nürburgring, to find out if they want to bring F1 back? However, both circuits seem to fear losses on the budget. According to Hockenheim, the circuit would be ten to twelve million Euros short of breaking even. Moreover, the Baden-Württemberg region does not see a race as an ideal moment to attract tourists.


F1 boss Stefano Domenicali regrets the lack of interest from Germany in bringing back the Grand Prix. "Especially if you look at the interest Germans have in motorsport. I regret that because I personally believe, and I speak for the whole motorsport industry, that they are not doing the right thing for the passionate fans. I will work hard to see what can be done, together with the manufacturers and our partners."

Perhaps a possible participation from Audi and Porsche will fuel interest in a race. Domenicali says: "I can't answer the question about the VW group because I don't make a decision about it. In any case, I hope that any new element leads to a wake-up call. To my great one, the German market is not interested in hosting a Grand Prix."

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