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Horner still believes in both titles: 'Jeddah is like a high-speed Baku'

Horner still believes in both titles: 'Jeddah is like a high-speed Baku'

29-11-2021 19:00 Last update: 21:22


A fierce battle between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes will rage throughout the 2021 Formula One season. It's being fought out not only on track, but also off the track, and continues to grow in intensity as the finale approaches. Christian Horner has come clean and said that the Red Bull team boss believes his team is superior to rival Mercedes.

Only five points separate Mercedes from Red Bull in the constructors' championship standings, so there is no question of one dominant team. Both compete in different areas. Horner is of the opinion that Mercedes 'as a team' are losing out to Red Bull.

Horner thinks Red Bull is better than Mercedes as a team

Asked by Channel 4 if he thinks Red Bull is a better team than Mercedes at the moment, the team boss replies: "As a team, yes, I think we are. I think we’ve managed to put this challenge together, we’ve won more races so far."

He continued: "We’ve had a bit of bad luck along the way, but who has put Mercedes in this position in the last seven years? They have never been in this position."

Horner still believes in both titles

Should Red Bull manage to win the championship alongside Max Verstappen, Horner believes it will be their greatest ever achievement. "We are just enjoying the fight, the challenge, the competition. If we do manage to pull this off, or even one of the championships, in Abu Dhabi that would probably be arguably our biggest achievement," said the 48-year-old Briton.

Asked if Red Bull could still win both titles, he replied: "I think we can still do it. We feel that Jeddah is like a high-speed Baku, so that could be interesting," Horner concluded.

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