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Suggestion that 'FIA allows Mercedes rear wing for remainder 2021'

Suggestion that 'FIA allows Mercedes rear wing for remainder 2021'

29-11-2021 11:45 Last update: 12:26


Mercedes' much-discussed rear wing of recent weeks does not need to be modified for the final two races of the season, according to the FIA. Red Bull asked for tests to force Mercedes to modify the wing, but their wish is not fulfilled by the FIA.

Protest Red Bull waved away

There will be no changes to the rear wing for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, reports the usually well-informed news medium Auto Motor und Sport. Red Bull fell out over the fact that the underside of the Mercedes wing was moving down on straights, creating a small DRS effect. In Qatar, the wings were immediately tested in a new way.

Because the new tests were only an experiment, the FIA cannot make them valid in 2021. Also, that would have made little sense since every team has passed the new test, including Mercedes. AMuS writes that nothing more will be changed in the FIA's testing methods this season.

The test that has been carried out in recent weeks consisted of hanging a 35 kilo weight on the rear wing to see how far it could bend. It is not excluded that this test will be applied in 2022, as the FIA expects many teams to try to gain an advantage on the straight with a moving rear wing. The biggest argument for not doing it this year is that there is simply too little time for the teams to take care of the wing for only two more races.

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