Dutch F1 commentator in tears after Verstappen victory

05-09-2021 19:28 Last update: 05-09-2021 21:44


The historic day at Zandvoort caused ecstasy and emotion for many Dutch Formula 1 fans. All the same for Tom Coronel, racing driver and one of the regular guests at Dutch Sports channel Ziggo Sport. While watching the last lap, he became visibly emotional, a moment he shared with his fellow fans on Twitter and the viewers of Ziggo Sport.

"He's done it! It's happening! It's happening!" cheers Coronel together with his fellow commentators as the last lap of the race is underway. Subsequently, we can see that the driver has tears in his eyes, and he falls silent for a moment. Even in the discussion afterwards, at Ziggo, the commentator is still looking for the right words to describe what he has just seen.

Dream weekend

The first edition of the Formula 1 at Zandvoort in 36 years provided a complete experience for the Dutch Formula 1 fanbase. Verstappen already put in a strong performance during the three free practice sessions but proved it all the more during qualifying, where he held off defending champion Lewis Hamilton by 38 thousandths of a second.

The strong form of the Dutchman continued on Sunday, and in front of thousands of Dutch fans Verstappen crossed the finish line unchallenged. Tom Coronel will certainly not have been the only one to shed tears after this almost dreamlike weekend.

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