Grosjean thanks people who helped him in video from hospital bed

30-11-2020 17:23

Romain Grosjean was very lucky in his accident at the Bahrain Grand Prix. The fact that he came out of the wreckage only slightly injured is largely due to the safety of modern Formula 1 cars and his own quick action. Nevertheless, he would also like to thank the people who were right on the spot at the time of the incident.

The marshals, firefighters and medical staff who were first at the scene of the accident did not hesitate for a moment to support Grosjean in his attempt to get out of the car. That is worth a round of applause and a thank you.

"Hello, Romain here", Grosjean began in his expression of thanks in the video posted by the Haas team. "I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the commitment, the work and the initiative you showed yesterday. You helped me out of that big fire and kept me alive. Thank you very much. We need you for racing and I will always be grateful that you were there for me."

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