Virtual race Imola

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21-05-2023 06:00 Last update: 21-05-2023 15:47

The Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix cannot take place due to flooding and severe weather in the region, but there will still be (virtual) racing at Imola. Team Redline and are organising a sim race to raise money for the affected region. The race can be followed live through a livestream here on Sunday afternoon.

Virtual GP Imola with Verstappen to be followed live

Ahead of the virtual race organised by Team Redline, sim driver Atze Kerkhof announced that Verstappen came up with the idea for the online event. During the livestream, viewers can donate money to the campaign launched by the city of Faenza, which is also supported by the AlphaTauri based there. The virtual event, in which four races will be run in different cars, starts at 14:30 and can be followed here live from then on.

The line-up includes a number of skilled sim drivers, including Gianni Vecchio, Enzo Bonito, Luke Bennett, Chris Lulham, Jeffrey Rietveld, Kevin Siggy, Atze Kerkhof, Josh Thompson, Diogo Pinto, Tom Burns and Sebastian Job. However, some familiar names from the 'real' racing world are also taking part.

Apart from Verstappen, we will see Richard Verschoor (F2), Felipe Drogovich (F2 champion, Aston Martin reserve driver), Antonio Felix da Costa (Formula E champion), Jack Doohan (F2 and Alpine reserve driver), Enzo Fittipaldi (F2), Ayumu Iwasa (F2, Red Bull-junior), Isack Hadjar (F2, Red Bull-junior), Jak Crawford (F2, Red Bull-junior), Shane van Gisbergen (Australian Supercars), Oliver Rowland(Formula E), Luke Browning (F3), Gabriel Bortoleto (F3) and Arvid Lindblad (F4, Red Bull-junior) in action.

Update | Norris joins Verstappen

Although Lando Norris was initially not to take part in the event, he did stream Team Redline's channel through his own, much-viewed Twitch channel. As the first sessions were being run, the McLaren driver decided to install iRacing on his simulator and join Verstappen and Team Redline. So Norris will compete in the remaining races, despite having little experience with the game in question.

How to donate

Those wishing to contribute to the action by making a donation can do so by scanning the QR code in the livestream or at the bottom of this article, or transfer an amount via bank transfer to IBAN number IT20V0627013199T20990000808, stating 'Donation for the flood emergency 2023'.