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Verstappen shows good character 'Dutchman initiated sim race himself'
Simrace raising money for people affected by floods

Verstappen shows good character 'Dutchman initiated sim race himself'

20-05-2023 11:12 Last update: 11:41

Max Verstappen has shown his best side this week, initiating the sim race that serves as a replacement for the cancelled Imola Grand Prix. So Atze Kerkhof, Verstappen's sim racing teammate, tells Motorsport.com. The online event will also financially back the action supported by AlphaTauri.

Last Wednesday afternoon, news broke that the Imola Grand Prix would definitely not take place. Due to heavy rain and flooding in northern Italy, a line had to be drawn through the Grand Prix. While it is a disappointment for many people that the race weekend did not go ahead, it is a very intense time for the residents of the region. Italians are seeing the area flooded for the second time in a short time.

Verstappen wants to support residents

To support the residents of the region (financially), 'Verstappen.com', together with 'team Redline', is organising a simrace, which can be watched online by all Formula 1 fans, who would have a free afternoon. During the livestream, there will be several calls to donate money to the aid organisation, which is also supported by AlphaTauri. "Max himself came up with the idea of organising a sim race so that there is still something to do this weekend for the fans, but also to draw attention to what is happening in Emilia-Romagna and to support the people affected by the severe weather," Kerkhof stated.

The Dutchman is thus showing his best side by giving (financial) support to the Italian residents. The two-time Formula 1 world champion will also participate in the races himself. There will be (digital) driving in Formula 3 cars, Formula Ford cars, the Mazda MX-5 and a Toyota GR86. Other drivers, including Yuki Tsunoda, are also rolling up their sleeves to help the Italians.