Formula 3 car slides across track: Halo proved a saving grace again

25-09-2022 14:24 Last update: 25-09-2022 15:39

A violent crash during the EuroFormula Open proved again how indispensable the component is on the current generation of cars.

For many fans and some drivers, the introduction of the Halo was a disappointment. The component significantly changes the look of the cars and critics found it unsightly. In doing so, some also questioned its effect. Yet last year there were a few incidents where the Halo played a very important and necessary role and even drivers are grateful for the component.

Over the head

Christian Mansell, during a race of the EuroFormula Open at the Monza circuit, collided with Francesco Simonazzi. Mansell then flew over and landed upside down on his halo on the asphalt, before sliding for metres before finally coming to a stop on the other side of the gravel pit. Mansell was, fortunately, able to get out of his car unharmed.

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