Red Bull celebrates 1 month anniversary of Verstappen's world title

12-01-2022 18:24 Last update: 12-01-2022 19:47

Fans of Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing will have a great winter. There are a lot of images from the past Formula 1 season to look back at, with of course the world title as the highlight. On Wednesday, the team had another good excuse to remind everyone of that fact.

Red Bull celebrates first month anniversary of Verstappen title

Wednesday marks exactly one month since Verstappen became world champion in the much-discussed final round of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Red Bull is celebrating the first month anniversary with a retrospective video together with team boss Christian Horner.

Together with the brand new world champion he discusses the many highlights of the season and of course the all-important final race weekend. The complete video in which the two look back on the past season can be viewed on the YouTube-Red Bull Racing channel.

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