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Devotion of F1 personnel is incredible: 'Impressive, but also cruel'

Devotion of F1 personnel is incredible: 'Impressive, but also cruel'

26-11-2021 15:40 Last update: 19:12


The overcrowded Formula 1 calendar is more and more the subject of discussion. This year, 22 races were scheduled and next year there will be 23. These calendars are fun for the fans, but Martin Brundle wants people to realise that such a calendar also causes a lot of tension and fatigue.

Over the past few weeks the teams had to deal with a triple header again. The whole Formula 1 circus went from Mexico to Brazil to Qatar. This is not only extremely tiring for the drivers and journalists, but especially for the people working in the paddock.

"I've personally spent 41 hours in the air for those three races and I likely had it easiest of anybody as I went directly from each race to the next and only had myself to worry about. Five races in six weekends including two completely new venues in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are a tall order for everyone involved in delivering this blockbuster, and after the summer break next year it's ten races in thirteen weeks…," the Briton told Sky Sports.

'It's brutal'

It's especially draining and exhausting for the people who work in the Formula One paddock, as they have to go straight from the circuit to the factory and then sit in meetings to discuss the Grand Prix results. Then they travel on to the next circuit to get everything ready for the Grand Prix. According to Brundle, that is "impressive dedication but brutal at the same time.

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