The weather in Saudi Arabia: hot, very hot!

25-11-2021 12:06 | Updated: 25-11-2021 12:56
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The weather in Saudi Arabia: hot, very hot!

It's still a week away, but everyone is looking forward to the first race in Saudi Arabia. On the new street circuit in Jeddah the question is who will be the strongest: Mercedes or Red Bull?

Advantage for Mercedes?

Judging by the long straights and the high top speeds that are reached, the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton seems to be the big favourite. However, there are other factors that cautiously hint at a good chance for Max Verstappen and his Red Bull. Red Bull is always good on a street circuit and that is the case in Jeddah.

The first weather forecast also seems to be in Red Bull's favour. There will be no rain in the Saudi desert next weekend. The high temperature however can play a role. It will probably be over thirty degrees every day. The past has shown that the Mercedes doesn't fare as well as the Red Bull at high temperatures. On Friday it will probably be thirty degrees, on Saturday and Sunday 31 degrees.

Heat palpable

Although the race is being held in the evening, the heat will still be noticeable and will affect the drivers and their cars. The race in Jeddah will start on Sunday at 5.30 p.m. UK time.

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