Talks with Porsche and Audi confirm F1 is heading in the right direction'

04-11-2021 20:25 | Updated: 05-11-2021 00:35
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Talks with Porsche and Audi confirm F1 is heading in the right direction'

For some time now discussions have been taking place between Formula 1 and Audi and Porsche about joining the sport. According to F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, the discussions show that the sport has made the right decisions about its future.

F1 is hoping that the Volkswagen Group will join the sport in 2016. The decision will be based on the technical future of the sport and cost control plans. Porsche has already confirmed that their interest is real, but that there are clear conditions.

There is no guarantee yet that Porsche and Audi will commit, but according to Domenicali, the two brands are happy with the direction F1 is taking. "We are talking about new regulations, we are talking about the fact that in the discussion that is coming out you see the value of each team is getting higher," Domenicali tells The Race.

Encouraging situation

Domenicali continues: "The investment that we are doing on the control of the cost, and the fact the sport is in very good health despite the COVID situation, the fact that we want to have a more attractive sport doesn’t mean we need to have more teams."

"It’s really a matter of finding the right balance with the fact there will be for sure new ones that want to come in, versus the fact we want to give the value to ones who are already into the sport. The fact that the new manufacturers are discussing with the FIA, is a very, very encouraging situation. That means that F1 has taken the right technical decisions for its future."

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