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New 2022 car not yet loved by drivers: 'It's very different'
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New 2022 car not yet loved by drivers: 'It's very different'

21-10-2021 06:59 Last update: 11:52


Carlos Sainz agrees with Lando Norris that the new cars for 2022 feel a lot different. According to the Spaniard, this affects every team and it will be interesting to see which team comes out on top.

New regulations are planned for 2022 and that means the Formula 1 teams are already working on the design for next year's car. The new rules are meant to promote overtaking, but also take away a lot of aerodynamics to do so. This means that the drivers have to get used to a completely new car.

The car for 2022

''We know how our car feels. Between the drivers, it's like 'How does yours feel?' I think there's a trend starting to emerge in the paddock. That we all recognise that it's pretty different, very different to how the car feels now'', the Ferrari driver said opposite Motorsport.com, after Norris also reported something along the same lines earlier.

''It will be a big change. Maybe we are starting to accept amongst ourselves that it is a big change. The rumours in the paddock are also going in that direction, without telling you anything about the car, because obviously I can't talk about that'', the Spaniard concludes.

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