FOM asks organisation DutchGP to think about entertainment for other GP's

19-10-2021 09:48 | Updated: 19-10-2021 11:45
FOM asks organisation DutchGP to think about entertainment for other GP's

It was uncertain for a long time if the Dutch Grand Prix could take place this season due to the problems with the corona, but in the end, 70,000 fans travelled to Circuit Zandvoort. It was a big party on and around the circuit and the FOM noticed that too. The Formula One Group has therefore asked the DutchGP to think along with them about entertainment at other GP's.

Actually, this year 'The Ultimate Race Festival' should have taken place during the Dutch GP, but due to restrictions from the government, this turned out not to be possible. With this festival, the organizers want to make sure that the weekend is more than just Formula 1. There will be a lot of spectacle besides the track, for example in the form of famous DJs and artists.

The Algemeen Dagblad writes that Zandvoort 'even without that festival this year made an impression'. The F1 management has therefore also put the request to the DutchGP organisation to think along about the entertainment at other races. "Also in the field of mobility - Zandvoort claims to be the 'greenest' Grand Prix on the calendar - other promoters are interested in the Dutch knowledge.

Grands Prix with few spectators

In any event, the festival will make its debut at Zandvoort in 2022. The party will be even bigger then as there will be 105,000 visitors per day. How different is that for weekends in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Abu Dhabi? The pinnacle of motorsport only races on these circuits because it brings in a lot of money.

Circuit director Robert van Overdijk gives his opinion about this: "It is not up to us to think that much. Formula 1 will have their reasons to race where they race. We wanted to set a new standard for ourselves, and we think that our race is going to make a difference in the whole of Formula 1", concludes the chief.

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