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Rumors of Aramco coming and Petronas leaving denied by Mercedes

Rumors of Aramco coming and Petronas leaving denied by Mercedes

18-10-2021 11:21 Last update: 12:54

It seemed that Mercedes would get a new important sponsor in Formula 1. Earlier it was reported that Aramco would probably replace Petronas, but this news is now denied by both parties.

Petronas has played an important role for Mercedes and the sponsor's logo's were clearly visible on the cars. Yet it seemed that Aramco would become the new sponsor, despite the contract between Petronas and Mercedes running until the end of 2025. In a joint statement both parties have now stated that this is nothing more than a rumour.

"Petronas and Mercedes have been working together in a long-term relationship since 2010. This is advantageous for both parties. Last year we extended our partnership with a new multi-year cycle. We are proud of our cooperation," reports

Aramco more and more present

Aramco is nowadays almost indispensable in Formula 1. The name of the oil and natural gas company is more and more prominent along the track. In addition, this year a Grand Prix will be held in Saudi Arabia for the first time which is where the company is also based. Because of this large presence, it didn't seem a bad idea that Aramco would play a bigger role within the teams, but this seems to not be the case.

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