Test with new gloves successful: 'First feedback was positive'

18-10-2021 09:55 | Updated: 18-10-2021 12:52
by GPblog.com
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Test with new gloves successful: 'First feedback was positive'

Michael Masi is satisfied with the new gloves that were tested during the Turkish Grand Prix. They need to be looked at further, but it is a step in the right direction.

After Romain Grosjean's accident, it became clear to the FIA and Formula 1 that the gloves of Formula 1 drivers needed to be looked at. The Frenchman miraculously got out of his car but had suffered massive burns on his hands. This needs to be fixed in the future.

New gloves for F1 drivers

''After Romain's accident, we started working on this immediately. We realised pretty quickly that we could make a profit here together with the manufacturers. The first feedback from the drivers was positive. There are some things that need to be fine-tuned with some of the manufacturers, but that's not insurmountable'', Masi says to Motorsport.com.

''We are grateful to the drivers and teams for conducting this test. It also shows that we are trying to improve safety as much as possible. The one and a half second gain sounds minimal, but in such scenarios we have seen that every tenth of a millisecond counts'', concludes Formula One's race director.

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