Honda reveals: F1 return not planned for 2026

08-10-2021 11:48 | Updated: 08-10-2021 13:23
Honda reveals: F1 return not planned for 2026

Masashi Yamamoto announced in Turkey that as director of Honda's F1 project he hopes for a return to the premier class of motor racing, but Koji Watanabe announced Friday that this is not likely to happen. Honda will not be involved in Formula 1 in 2026, when the new engine regulations will be introduced.

The new engine regulations have been created to make sure that new engine manufacturers want to enter Formula 1. The Volkswagen Group seems to have a very far-reaching interest, but Honda does not. The Japanese brand announced this at a media event in Tokyo, have reported.

Honda says 'no'

"There is no specific collaboration opportunity for the next generation of power units. All our engineers involved in building Red Bull Powertrains will do so in 2022 on a temporary basis, so they can build their engine department properly," said Watanabe, communications manager at Honda.

A return is out of the question for 2026, purely because it is also impossible to arrange organisationally. "I have no intention of doing that now and there has been no request," the Japanese is adamant. A return to Formula 1 as an engine manufacturer doesn't seem to be on the cards for the next 10 years, assuming that the new regulations will be fixed for at least five years.

Still some help from Japan

Honda will still help Red Bull Racing next year with for example the production of their engines. The construction of the Red Bull Powertrains factory near Milton Keynes has not yet been completed and it will take some time before everything is up and running in Britain. Honda will also make the necessary help available to Max Verstappen's team on the track during the GP's.

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