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Weather forecast | Will rain again cause slides in Turkey?
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Weather forecast | Will rain again cause slides in Turkey?

04-10-2021 07:37 Last update: 09:07


After the rain in Belgium and Russia, it seems likely that there will also be rain during the Turkish Grand Prix. In 2020 this made for a spectacular race, but there will be little grip again.

The Turkish Grand Prix returned to the Formula 1 calendar in 2020 as a replacement during the corona season. At that time it was slipping and sliding on the track due to the new asphalt, the low temperature and eventually the rain. The asphalt has been taken care of by the organisation and with the weather forecast, this is a good thing.

Rain race in Turkey

In Istanbul, showers are expected throughout the weekend. According to Weather.com, the showers will start on Friday and that day there is a 42 percent chance that the rain will fall. On Saturday that chance is a lot higher with 72 percent, after which it decreases a bit to 68 percent for Sunday.

The same scenario as in 2020 seems possible. Also, the temperature is not very high. On Friday, the maximum temperature is expected to be 23 degrees, but on Saturday it will be only 20 degrees and on Sunday only 18 degrees. It will be a good test to see if the asphalt has really gained grip, otherwise, we can expect a spectacular race.

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