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Hill: Verstappen has luck on his side more than Hamilton

Hill: "Verstappen has luck on his side more than Hamilton"

29-09-2021 19:28 Last update: 21:37

About Lewis Hamilton it is often said that he has luck on his side. According to former Formula 1 driver Damon Hill it is not Hamilton, but his rival Max Verstappen who has had the necessary dose of luck this season.

In the Russian Grand Prix, Verstappen indeed had the weather gods on his side. The rain came at exactly the right time, and Red Bull Racing brought him in at exactly the right time. "Then you understand why people used to believe that the gods took a side in battle, because in the last few races he's definitely been lucky," Hill says in the Formula 1 Nation podcast.

Hill sees luck more with Verstappen than Hamilton

"Monza was obviously controversial, but the result was that a race went by without him losing points to Lewis. This weekend he should have lost a lot of points, but he didn't," continued the 1996 world champion. "In Silverstone it was Hamilton who got lucky, but over the whole season Max seems to have luck more on his side than Lewis."

Not everything comes down to luck, of course, even Hill acknowledges. "Look where Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas finished. Verstappen started behind them all and still finished second. That just proves how exceptional those guys are. It must be disheartening to start ahead of someone, and then see them finish on the podium," said the former Williams driver.