Bottas: "That saved the race for me"

26-09-2021 16:51 | Updated: 26-09-2021 17:06
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Bottas: That saved the race for me

Valtteri Bottas had an interesting Russian Grand Prix. In his reflection, Bottas says the rain saved his race. In the end, Bottas walked away with a P5 and good points for Mercedes in the World Championship. 

The Mercedes driver started from the back half of the grid after taking an engine penalty. He gained a few places at the start, but Max Verstappen overtook him relatively easily. The Finn stagnated in the middle of the field and it didn't look like he was going to score any points. But the weather conditions changed. 

Lucky rain 

"It was tricky knowing when to stop. I told the team I want to stop but they weren't ready. That saved the race for me because I really struggled. It wasn't the easiest race. I thought it would be better. Following some cars in some corners gave me understeer," Bottas told Sky Sports

"It was really tough. I couldn't follow and was pretty much on the back foot. I didn't really see him [Verstappen] coming. I need to look. He was progressing more than I was through the field."

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