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Marko: The fact that they are no longer friends did not change the result

Marko: "The fact that they are no longer friends did not change the result"

12-09-2021 19:37 Last update: 22:35


Helmut Marko joins Christian Horner in believing that the crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton was a racing incident. The Red Bull Racing chief believes that the incident does not change anything about the title fight.

The stewards penalised Verstappen for the incident, but Marko believes both drivers were at fault. What does this mean for the relationship between the two title rivals? "The fact that they are no longer friends has not changed the result," he said in conversation with Sky Sports. "The title fight will continue in the same way."

Comparison with Senna and Prost

Many people draw the comparison with the rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, but Marko sees it differently. "That is a huge difference. The result is the same, but then it was intentional. Now with both of them, there was no intent."

Sergio Perez's time penalty came as a disappointment, particularly as the gap between the drivers behind the McLarens was so small. "We waited for the signal to give the position back," explained Marko. "But nothing came out and so we assumed it was good. It's unfortunate, a podium would have done him good."

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