Pirelli has data: 'See three types of asphalt in 'new' Zandvoort'

03-09-2021 16:59 | Updated: 03-09-2021 17:27
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Pirelli has data: 'See three types of asphalt in 'new' Zandvoort'

The weekend at Zandvoort has officially begun and the question beforehand was how the tires would perform. The plan to bring special tyres to Zandvoort was eventually binned, so this weekend will just be driven with the standard tyres.

In conversation with ZiggoSport, Mario Isola of Pirelli says it was interesting to see how the weekend would turn out at Zandvoort. The first free practice didn't really make sense in that respect.

"This morning was not very representative, this afternoon was better for that. We have done some calculations and assume that it will be alright. We then always look at the influence of the track layout and the grip levels of the track. We didn't have a lot of that info initially, but obtained it thanks to the teams' simulations."

Pirelli now has good data

Since there was no data from previous years, Pirelli had to wait and see what the data would look like. This data will be present after Friday.

"Now we have regulations based on data. We could review them to make a good consideration [regarding tyre choice]. When I look at the data of the track we have three sections of different asphalt. Sectors 1 and 3 are a little more new, 2 again a little older."

"I don't expect any problems with wear and tear. It's our first year here, with good weather, and nobody complained about the hard tires. That means we're going to have a one-stopper on Sunday," Isola concluded with a prediction for Sunday.

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