Hilarious: Hamilton helps Verstappen put out a carfire

18-08-2021 13:42 | Updated: 18-08-2021 14:23
by GPblog.com
Hilarious: Hamilton helps Verstappen put out a carfire

For many Formula 1 fans, the summer break means the annual painful hiatus. For three long days, there will be no racing and the drivers and team personnel will enjoy a well deserved holiday after a gruelling season of double and triple headers. Luckily F1's social media team knows how to keep us sweet with some good content.

F1 Animated

For example the hilarious F1 Animated. In this series of videos team radios of drivers during races are taken out of context and put in a different context by means of drawings, with all the funny consequences this entails.

Lewis Hamilton is seen helping Max Verstappen while his last car is on fire. It is a turn on the team radio of the Dutchman after the race in Austria, where he thanked his team with the words "The car was on fire." Verstappen makes another appearance moments later in the video. This time he gets ice cream in his face while sitting on Santa's lap, with Sky Sports commentator David Croft's words underneath, "Oohh Max Verstappen, what's happened there?"

Juggling Leclerc and Kimi with a tin phone

The video also features Charles Leclerc as a magician sawing his assistant in half while Sebastian Vettel sits in the audience and Kimi Raikkonen testing a tin phone with his race engineer. All in all, a video definitely worth watching!

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