Hamilton puts twenty million pounds into own diversity organisation

27-07-2021 11:09 | Updated: 27-07-2021 13:07
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Hamilton puts twenty million pounds into own diversity organisation

Earlier today it was announced that Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes will be teaming up with their organisation Ignite to promote diversity in motorsport. Hamilton also announced today that he has set up his own foundation called Mission 44, whose aim is to support young people from under-represented groups in the UK.

The seven-time world champion will put twenty million pounds into the organisation himself, the official press release states. The money will be used to support the work of Mission 44. The driver has been advocating for greater equality in the motorsport industry for his entire career.

Partners and sponsors of Hamilton also support him in the quest for more equality and, in addition to Hamilton's contribution, will provide support to raise funds and support the foundation's activities.

Mercedes and Mission 44 will work closely together

Mercedes and Hamilton's Ignite partnership falls under the umbrella of Mission 44, and the two organizations will work closely together. The CEO of Mission 44 is Jason Arthur, he will lead the foundation, including strategy, key projects and administration.

Many young people in society suffer from underrepresentation, discrimination or disadvantage. Mission 44 will work to collaborate with, fund or establish programs to address a range of issues that affect future generations, the press release reads.

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