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Masi explains: 'These are the penalties you can get during sprint races'

Masi explains: 'These are the penalties you can get during sprint races'

11-07-2021 07:49 Last update: 13:03

With the Silverstone Grand Prix, as well as the first sprint race in Formula 1 coming up, race director Michael Masi gives a glimpse of the procedures regarding infringements during the sprint race. The FIA will approach the sprint race in much the same way as a regular Grand Prix, says Masi.

"If we find an incident that two drivers are involved in we can apply a grid penalty for the next Grand Prix,” the race director explained in conversation with Motorsport.com. "So grid penalties and time penalties, for driving infringements and so forth, those penalties will be applied."

Regulations around technical infractions will be different, Madi argues, but he doesn't want to say much about this yet: "The rest of the regulations regarding power units and so forth, which is subject to approval from the F1 Commission and the FIA World Motor Sport Council later this week, but they will be applied in a different way and focused on the race."

Moment of reflection

Masi concludes, knowing that even the race management may encounter start-up problems in this new situation. "After the first event, let's happily review internally and see what did work, what didn't work, and other areas that need to be refined."

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