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Alfa Romeo struggles with uncertainty over Canadian Grand Prix

Alfa Romeo struggles with uncertainty over Canadian Grand Prix

24-04-2021 09:15 Last update: 09:30


It is still an uncertain time for Formula 1. Because of the coronavirus, some races are still getting cancelled. The planning has changed a lot compared to 'normal' seasons says Alfa Romeo team manager Beat Zehnder.

Plans not the same as before

The 2021 season began with the first changes before any racing had even taken place. Australia was moved from March to November and Imola and Portimao were added to the calendar at a late stage. Zehnder says that planning ahead is not a good idea this year.

"Normally you book all the flights and hotels for the next season already in the beginning of December, even before the Christmas holidays," Zehnder reveals in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport. "Before, the fact that we booked so little would have hit me very hard in the stomach. Today you have to live with it."

Canada makes the situation even more difficult

At the moment Alfa Romeo is experiencing some stress because it is still uncertain if the Canadian Grand Prix will take place this season. The race in Montreal has been in doubt for some time now and it could be that the circus will travel to Turkey instead of Canada.

"Actually, the sea freight to Baku and Montreal should have left on April 21. But now we have three days of negotiations left. It is now April 24. Until then, we have to decide where the sea freight is going," Zehnder concludes.

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