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Trulli calls Jordan 'best person in F1'

Trulli calls Jordan 'best person in F1'

14-04-2021 20:32 Last update: 21:36


Jarno Trulli needs no introduction. In his Formula 1 days, the remarkable Italian driver drove for teams such as Minardi, Lotus, Caterham and Jordan. Nowadays, he is best known for the term 'the Trulli train'.

Trulli Train

The now 46-year old man from Pescara was very good during qualifying, while in race time he had a lesser car. This usually meant that he was too far forward on Sunday, so faster cars were hot on his heels. Because of Trulli's strong defensive driving, people rarely got past him, resulting in the famous train.


In conversation with Beyond The Grid Podcast, Trulli is asked who the best person the Italian has encountered on or around the track during his time. "They may say he's crazy, but for me, he was one of the best team bosses. Eddie Jordan is the best person I have met in F1."

Although Trulli didn't work with the least of team bosses, as he also worked with the likes of Flavio Briatore, he still opts for the eccentric Jordan. "If you take what he says well, you can learn a lot. He treated me well and was honest, he was also very funny. From the outside, it sometimes seemed like he was totally out of control, but he really was."

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