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Hamilton: 'When i was young I felt I could do anything. I didn't have a strategy'

Hamilton: 'When i was young I felt I could do anything. I didn't have a strategy'

11-04-2021 11:19 Last update: 15:08


In a combined interview, Lewis Hamilton and Formula 1 esports champion Jarno Opmeer have been discussing the biggest differences between a physical and digital Grand Prix, as well as the best ways to stay fit for both versions.

It is in the training regimes in particular that the two Mercedes men see the biggest differences. Hamilton explained that as a driver in a physical Formula One car, the priority is to maintain good fitness and healthy circulation, overbuilding muscle mass.

"I work a lot with weights, but I have to be careful because Formula 1 drivers shouldn't be too heavy. More muscles mean more pounds. As a driver you need a good cardiovascular system, because at a Grand Prix you have an average heartbeat of 160 to 170 beats per minute. That's why I run a lot," Hamilton explained to Sport Business Magazin.

Hamilton also explains how his training has developed during his career: "When I was young I had a lot of energy and the feeling that I could do anything. I didn't have a strategy and I didn't stretch. I got in the car and drove to win. But over the years I've experimented with different disciplines like boxing and muay thai. Today I do a lot of Pilates."

Emphasis is different in Esports

The Dutch Opmeer also sees an advantage in fitness for esports, but explains that the emphasis is different: "I do a lot less cardio and a lot more strength training these days. Unlike in a real racing car, I no longer have to stay below a certain weight. But physical fitness is also an advantage in professional eSports."

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