'You think at this point, it’s gonna be Verstappen. Max is going to win this race'

29-03-2021 06:48 | Updated: 29-03-2021 07:03
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'You think at this point, it’s gonna be Verstappen. Max is going to win this race'

Peter Windsor analyses the moment of the Bahrain Grand Prix. The overtaking action of Max Verstappen on Lewis Hamilton in turn four and everything that preceded it. According to Windsor it was an easy decision for the stewards.

With a few laps to go, Verstappen is getting close to Hamilton and is told on the board radio that it is now up to Verstappen. "You think at this point, it’s gonna be Max. Max is going to win this race. The Red Bull has been the quickest car in testing, he got the pole, it looks good on all sort of tyres and now here he is, with more grip. He’s going to win the Bahrain Grand Prix," Windsor said in his analysis on youtube.

Decisive overtaking move by Verstappen

Eventually Hamilton and Verstappen arrive at turn four together, where Verstappen goes for an overtake. This he does so far outside, that he goes outside the track limits and he had to give the spot back. "I think most drivers would’ve been passed by Max into turn one on that lap, but because Lewis timed that absolutely perfectly, Max had no option but to go back tot he outside again. That’s where what Max did at turn 4 all began."

According to Windsor, many drivers would have reacted very differently after the race. "But Max was dignity and he was not happy obviously, but he took it really well. Yeah it was a mistake, but was it a mistake in the context of how much road they’ve been using out of four, most of the Grand Prix."

Red Bull's message was not right

"I go back tot hat infamous message from Red Bull to Max earlier in the race saying use the exit from turn four, Mercedes have been doing it all race. I think they did that to try and get race control’s attention. But it wasn’t the subtle way of doing it. It was a relatively easy decision for the stewards then to pounce on Max the way they did. In some ways a very unsatisfactory end to that race if you’re looking from Max’ perspective," Windsor concluded.

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