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Aston Martin does not go along with Vettel's rejection of sprint races

Aston Martin does not go along with Vettel's rejection of sprint races

07-03-2021 12:08 Last update: 12:53


Formula 1 recently came up with a new idea: holding sprint races at three of the Grands Prix next season to see if it is a success. Sebastian Vettel, among others, spoke out strongly against the idea. His team, on the other hand, is more open to it.

The F1 organisation plans to organise a sprint race on Saturday during the Grands Prix of Canada, Italy and Brazil. This race will then determine the starting grid for the main race on Sunday. On Friday, a traditional qualifying session will be held to determine the starting grid for the sprint race.

Teams are open to sprint races

If it is up to Vettel, these sprint races will not happen. He even said last week that the plan 'makes no sense'. Andrew Green, Technical Director of Aston Martin, first wants to see how this plan will be put into practice. Only then can a judgement be made about it.

"We need a rulebook, we don't have one at the moment," he is quoted as saying by Motorsport.com. "We've had a proposal and I think most teams would like to look into it, but it's all about the details and they haven't been worked out at the moment."

The main issues still to be addressed are the adjustments that can be made to the cars between races and what impact this will have on the number of engines that can be used. If the latter is not changed, Green believes the teams will have a problem, as the engines for next season were designed and tested for a 23-race calendar.

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