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Briatore 'threatens' Alonso after collision: 'I'll lock you in the garage'

Briatore 'threatens' Alonso after collision: 'I'll lock you in the garage'

23-02-2021 09:43 Last update: 10:30


Fernando Alonso has escaped without major injury after an accident during his training on a bicycle. The Spaniard was allowed to leave the hospital and is even training again. However, manager Flavio Briatore was not happy with the Spaniard.

Alonso crashed his bike in preparation for the Formula One season. He collided with a car and had to be taken to hospital. There the Spaniard underwent surgery and was, fortunately, able to return home soon. Now, the man who will make his return to Formula 1 in 2021 is already in full training for the start of the season.

Alonso at the start of the season

''He is already training again and recovering quickly. I am absolutely sure that he will take part in the winter test that starts on 12 March. That will not be a problem. Fernando will be ready'', says the flamboyant Italian in a video by Peter Windsor. Briatore, however, was not happy with Alonso's action.

''I warned him to stop cycling on public roads because it's just dangerous. He should go to the mountains and train on a mountain bike because there is much less traffic there. But he doesn't want to hear that so I had to threaten him myself that I would lock him up in his garage'', concludes Briatore.

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