Rich Energy back in F1 with help from Ecclestone? Thanks to his business genius'

12-02-2021 14:38 | Updated: 12-02-2021 16:09
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Rich Energy back in F1 with help from Ecclestone? Thanks to his business genius'

Energy drinks company Rich Energy has been hinting at a possible return to Formula 1 for several weeks now. The former main sponsor of Haas will make an announcement on Sunday afternoon, the company said on Friday.

Partnership with Haas

In 2019, Haas entered into a partnership with Rich Energy as the team's main sponsor. A few months later, however, that partnership was abruptly terminated again with immediate effect. Legal and financial wrangling and rumours were the order of the day from then on. In 2020, Rich Energy made a comeback in motorbike racing by sponsoring a team in the British Superbike Championship.

Beating the competition

A few weeks ago, CEO William Storey also announced a return to Formula 1, but it has not been concrete so far. Today came this announcement: "Raising the bar in the energy drink market. We do things a little differently at Rich Energy. Our Formula One announcement will be made at 2pm on Sunday 14th Feb. We are excited to share the news with motorsport fans.”

"I have always said from day one that we would beat the competition and our return to Formula One is the next step to prove I was right," Storey told F1Only. "Many fans support us and we have the ambition to bring some colour to this paddock full of boring stuff."

Help from Bernie Ecclestone

According to Storey, none other than Bernie Ecclestone has played a key role in Rich Energy's return to Formula One. "Our return to Formula One due in no small part to the business genius of Bernie Ecclestone", Storey said. "A huge thank you to the king of F1 for being such a great supporter.”

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