Brawn to stay on as F1's technical chief: 'That's what keeps me motivated'

27-01-2021 08:27 | Updated: 27-01-2021 10:01
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Brawn to stay on as F1's technical chief: 'That's what keeps me motivated'

Ross Brawn will stay on as Formula One's technical chief. The Brit wants to continue working on the growth of F1 and sees the arrival of Stefano Domenicali as a positive boost for the sport.

At the end of 2016, Formula 1 was bought by Liberty Media and one of the frontrunners for the 'New Formula 1' was Ross Brawn. Brawn, with all his experience in the paddock, was the man of choice to shape the future of Formula One cars and he has done just that with the new 2022 regulations.

Brawn stays in Formula 1

His work is not over yet, however, as reports that Brawn's contract has been extended. The Brit is looking forward to the new partnership with CEO Stefano Domenicali. ''I'm enjoying the challenges we're facing at the moment. Surely it would have been frustrating if we hadn't been able to race this year,'' says Brawn.

''With Stefano on board we are renewing our partnership and the challenges through the coronavirus are also keeping me motivated and making me want to continue. I will have to stop sometime in the future, but I am not planning that far ahead at the moment. With the departure of Chase Carey, it was perhaps also good to maintain some continuity, and I am happy to continue my work'', concludes Brawn.

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