Grosjean helmet important after the crash: 'Can cause damage to the lungs'

03-12-2020 10:53 | Updated: 03-12-2020 14:31
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Grosjean helmet important after the crash: 'Can cause damage to the lungs'

Romain Grosjean has been discharged from hospital and the Frenchman has got away with his extreme crash in Bahrain. An important part that turned out to work well in these circumstances was his helmet.

In recent years, the Formula 1 driver's helmet has been continuously improved to ensure better safety. After the accident of Felipe Massa in 2009, for example, the F1 driver's helmet was completely overhauled, but this was not necessary after Grosjean's crash, where the helmet did an excellent job.

Bell can be satisfied

''The helmet performed exactly what is expected in such conditions. The fire resistance was as expected and the visor was also perfect. The only thing that had melted were the tear-offs attached to the outside of the visor. That made the visor opaque, especially on the left side where the fire came from'', says Stephane Cohen opposite

The CEO of Bell, the brand of the Grosjean helmet, is still satisfied with the design. ''In these conditions, if you sit in the fire for 25 seconds, you can breathe in dangerous hot gases that cause damage to your lungs. This did not happen because it did not enter the helmet. We are therefore very pleased with the performance of our helmet in these unforeseen circumstances," concludes Cohen.

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